Seen in the streets of North Berkeley

Which color do you like most?

Our friend will soon be purchasing a new bicycle from Rivendell Bicycle Works and has 3 colors to choose from. Which color do you like most? (more…)

Beautiful Ebisu in North Berkeley

Shishkabike in the San Francisco Bay Area

photo credit: erik jensen, bikenoir.blogspot.com

I’ll be traveling to the Bay Area of California for a week of R&R (riding and recuperation).

I’d like some of your help on ideas for adventure. So far here’s what I’ve got:

– Shell Ridge S24O
– Mt. Diablo


My list is short … I feel badly about this but it’s no fault of my own. You see, work has been incredibly busy (good busy, like 3 hours of sleep a night busy). (more…)


Naming something brand new, a tangible object, a thing is hard, naming yourself is even harder.



Here’s a list of names we went through before I was christened with my official ‘handle’:





Shishkabike (more…)

Beautiful Bicycle Art | Git You Some

Our friend Jon Grant has designed all sorts of art, including some pretty spectacular bicycle-related material.


You might recognize his work from the Rivendell graphics and frame decals he designed. If you like vintage bicycles, beautiful components or good ink drawings, you should buy some.

At $25 a piece, they’re a great deal for a beautiful piece of art.  And each penny goes back to the artist. (more…)